Investor Relations

investor_relThe movie industry is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing businesses in the world. Revenue of a single film can approach $1 billion and worldwide gross revenues are now over $40 billion annually.

The development of new distribution channels such as cable, DVD and Internet together with the opening of new international markets in recent years have created vast opportunities for revenue from ownership of film properties.

Movies are not only the world’s most popular form of entertainment, but the film business is now becoming recognized as a highly lucrative and profitable investment sector.

Why you should invest
High Potential Returns: Quite simply, the movie business is highly lucrative and potentially very profitable. The objective is to work with producers to finance international quality, highly profitable movies to maximize for its investors the high potential returns available from the movie business.

Accelerated Industry Growth: The motion picture industry has nearly tripled its income in the last ten years with over 50% of total box-office revenue now coming from overseas markets, underlining the fact that the Nigerian movie industry is an industry experiencing phenomenal growth.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities: Movies earn revenue not only in theatres in every corner of the world but in many different ways. The ability to promote a movie in many markets diminishes investment risk and increases earnings potential.

  • Please what is the minimum amount one can invest in a Nollywood movie and what is the Percentage Return On Investment?

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