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Shooting on celluloid has over the years been a bridge too far for Nigerian moviemakers. When the ace filmmaker Mahmood Ali-Balogun courageously made public his bid to break the trend in Nollywood by shooting his movie, Tango With Me, on celluloid there were many doubters. Mahmood refused to be deterred, and his resolve was enough to earn a feature story in the esteemed Nigeria Monthly magazine of April 2009. The four-page magazine feature aptly introduced Mahmood Ali-Balogun as “A New Face for Nollywood.”

It is a mark of the belief in Mahmood’s clout as a director that Nollywood’s leading actress, Genevieve Nnaji, embraced the project from the very beginning, and without much ado. Genevieve’s leading man in the film, the relatively fresh Joseph Benjamin, became a marvel to behold. Genevieve and Joseph worked up such an enchanting chemistry that had been brewed in the many days and nights spent in rehearsals.

Film director Mahmood Ali-Balogun was painstaking, starting with the film-script which took more than two years to write. It was indeed a monumental effort in writing and rewriting.

The auditioning of the actors and actresses ensured that there were no stereotypes in the casting, as has been the bane of most Nollywood movies.

The lead actor Joseph Benjamin fittingly depicts the psychological import of Tango With Me.

Genevieve Nnaji emotes the gripping burden of a couple whose greatest dream somewhat turns into a damning nightmare.

As Uzo and Lola, Joseph Benjamin and Genevieve Nnaji offer virtuoso performances of what it takes to see that love outlasts all tribulations.

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