Muna Obiekwe Dead!

There have been mixed reports over the announcement of the death of popular Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe.

We leanrt that the actor had passed away in the afternoon of Sunday, January 18, 2015 in a hospital in Festac, Lagos. Though another report surfacing this evening claimed that Muna Obiekwe is still alive and he posted via a Twitter handle, @MunaObiekwe, that he was still hail and hearty.

Below are the tweets:

Meanwhile, reports are still going on that the amiable actor is truly dead and that the twitter handle @MunaObiekwe is not the real twitter account of Muna. Below are other tweets that attest to the fact that the popular actor is dead.

“We have spoken to industry sources, and there are indications that @MunaObiekwe is a fake account. The truth will soon be revealed”— Nollywood Tweets (@nollywoodtweets) January 18, 2015“We stand by our report that Nollywood actor, MUNA OBIEKWE has passed away, Furthermore, we state that @MunaObiekwe is a fake account”— Nollywood Tweets (@nollywoodtweets) January 18, 2015

MuNAMuna Obiekwe has been on a dialysis machine, prior to his death. Though it was reported that Muna needed money for his health problems but instead of going public to raise money, he told friends he was planning a stage play to raise money but died before he could do it.

Muna is widely known for his potrayal in x-rated movies. And until his death, the Enugu based actor was one of the controversial actors in the Nigerian movie industry.

The late Muna, who had a knack for acting romantic scenes, once came under attack for grabbing fellow actor, Biola Ige’s breast, in the movie, Pregnant Hawker.

However, the actress later denied the story, claiming that the picture which went viral was doctored and that there was no such scene in the movie.

Muna on his own part was quoted to have said, “…I don’t remember the movie. I also don’t remember sucking Biola’s breasts. If the movie exists, that scene never took place.
“Like I told you, I don’t recall the movie. I do a lot of movies and I can’t remember what happens in all of them.

“The fact that I don’t recall means that the movie was shot a long time ago. Probably three or more years back. When love scene was in vogue with producers. I’m still searching for the movie to acquaint myself with the story.

“There has never been anything between myself and any actress that I’ve made a movie with. My romantic relationships have always been outside the movie industry. I don’t take my work home”.

We in g-media say RIP to Muna

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