When To Know If Witches Have Installed Cctv On You

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After entering a bus, it gets to your turn to pay your fare and you can’t find your money.

You are downloading 5GB of data and it fails at 99%.

You bought a Blackberry Passport for N230k today and the next day the price drops to N120k.

You win 100millon, you deposit in bank, next week, and the bank declares bankruptcy.

Your first day in a restaurant, after eating fish, the bone hang on your throat.

After working for 30 days, you got fired without salary.

After selling your fathers property to travel abroad, and you still got deported few weeks later.

You take “expo” into an exam hall, and can’t understand your own handwriting.

You carry textbook to exam hall and still copy from others.

You submit expo with your answer sheet.

When your friend back from Yankee gives you cheque and forgets to sign at the back before going back.

At age 42, you still refer to Davido as your role model.

After you use a ”designer” perfume and now smell like a DEAD RAT

You get expelled 24hrs to your graduation.

You snap a passport photograph and your leg shows in it

The person you were abusing in traffic turns out to be the one interviewing you for a job.

You lied to armed robbers that you don’t have a phone, then the phone rings, and your ringing tone is ‘Ebami K’igbe Ole, Ole Ole Ole!’

You sell one of your kidneys to buy a range rover sport and thieves collected it the next day.

After reading this post and you did not laugh, comment or like it. You should know that hmmmmmmm, witches dey ooooooooo.

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