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Head Gone is the story of prisoners, who escape as prison officials transfer them from one facility to another and psychiatric patients who also escape as hospital personnel convey them from one mental home to another.  The process of reigning these people in and the accompanying drama is the thrust of the film.

Dare (Baba Dee) and Lanre (Sound Sultan) Fasasi, (both musicians) collaborate to produce this comedy, anindication that the whole spectrum of the creative sector in Nigeria is beginning to interphase appreciably.  A fusion of talents from movies, music, fashion, comedy, the visual arts, etc. in their undertakingswill bring about a faster and more robust development of the sector.

Quality research went into the screenplay of Head Gone as shown by the kind of characters created in the movie.  These characters come with all manner of mental health problems: Johnny Guborg (Basketmouth), Carlos Adigun (Saka), Prof. Clem (Peter Fatimilola), Gen. Chukwuma (Zack Orji), Dr. Bayogo (BasorgeTariah), Kilimanjaro (Akpororo), etc.

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