hq_photo-2-2G-Media is a fully integrated independent film Company, with divisions devoted to the production, post production, marketing, independent film distributors of theatrical motion pictures as well as home entertainment, television, music, theater.

Serving the entertainment world for over a decade, we have provided our services for many documentary films, feature films, corporate films and several music videos in Nigeria.

We have dedicated team of Cinematographers, Film Directors, Executive Producers, Location Managers, Sound Engineers and Animators. We have co-ordinated professional assignments for our clients in Nigeria.

We offer a wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production with highest professional standards. We provide productions with a full package of services – from research to coordination, filming and post production.

Our major services include Feature Film Production, independent film distributors, HD Production, Digital Film Production, Equipment Rental, Film Locations, Post Productions, Special Effects, Screenplay Development and Doctoring, Casting Management for Nollywood Projects, Film Promotion and Marketing throughout the world, PR Services, Corporate Film Production Services, Music Video Production, Advertisement Film Production, Event Management.


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