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October 1 narrates the story of Inspector Danladi Waziri, a police officer from Northern Nigeria who is posted to a remote town of Akote in Western Nigeria to investigate the frequent female murder cases in the community, and have the mystery solved before the country’s Independence Day, October 1.

As it relates to characterization, I questioned the casting of Sadiq Daba as the lead character but asides championing the need for the veterans to show the newbies how it’s done in the industry,  Sadiq seemed equal to the task, delivering to his role, like I have known from his performances in ‘Cock Crow at Dawn’ and ‘Behind The Clouds.’ As Inspector Waziri the Hausa detective with no understanding of the Yoruba traditional systems,  the obedient policeman to his former colonial masters, and as the no nonsense policeman in a town filled with Igbos who felt he was the colonial lap dog and totally biased, Sadiq was true to form and outstanding.

Inspector Afonja played by Kayode Aderupoko was total apt. Too many, he seemed like the comic relief we usually expect from movies, but the undertone of his character was pretty real and is still evident in our society today. I had to do a double take for Corporal Omolodun, played by Fabian Adeoye Lojede. He looked so different from his Jacob Cross character Bayo Abayomi. The shinny, upcoming corporal looking to do more for his country by joining the army, hit home with his character and was upstanding in his right.

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